Quality Control

Quality ControlEDM has committed itself to being a quality-oriented organization. This includes all aspects of our operation; manufacturing, sales, order entry, finance, purchasing, etc. Our procedures are modeled after the rules and regulations of the ISO 9002 program for quality assurance.

The purpose of quality assurance is to ensure a given level of quality in all stages of production, as well as in the organizational superstructure. Quality assurance, therefore, has the full support of top management. The fact that the concept of quality is an outstanding factor of the company can be seen in the whole structure of the organization and is communicated to all employees of EDM, Inc.

The goal of the company is to become more competitive with respect to quality, cost and delivery of components, assemblies, or services that conform to all established requirements and the reasonable expectations for continuous quality improvement. The Quality Manual will document and establish an internal quality system and quality assurance program.

Quality ControlThe Quality Procedures Manual will provide the standards and procedures necessary to implement the quality program, as outlined in the ISO 9002 quality standards. Process controls are used extensively throughout all operations to monitor the product quality and to control the manufacturing processes to ensure that the highest possible quality level is maintained to meet or exceed customer expectations.

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