Electronic Data Magnetics, Inc. is a Manufacturer of Technically Advanced Printed Products. These Products include
Magnetic Stripe and RFID Cards and Tickets. EDM has been supplying the Transit Industry for over 25 years. EDM is proud to introduce 2 NEW PRODUCTS "Smart Card Plus"Extended Use and "Smart Card Plus" Limited Use 

Metro CardWe provide RFID and Magnetic Striped products on thin gauge paper and plastics. EDM has the ability to print 4-color process EDM provides both high and low coercivity magnetic stripe cards and tickets, while offering encoding services. In the RFID arena, EDM works with various chips specializing in the MIFARE® Classic 1K/4K and the MIFARE Ultralight® products for transit. EDM, Inc. is the only domestic approved vendor for Cubic Transportation Systems supplying the MIFARE Ultralight® products.

Electronic Data Magnetics, Inc. is a World Leader in the Mass Transit market. We offer both large and small agencies superior products and services. Our experience and personnel set EDM above the competition. Our customers include the New York City Transit Authority, the Chicago Transit Authority, the South Eastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, Los Angeles Metro, Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority as well as many other major U.S. transit agencies.
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